How long will the driver be waiting for me?

Written by Ivan
Updated 1 year ago

You can rest assured knowing that our drivers are always waiting for you at the agreed upon pickup location, at the assigned time. However, we understand that sometimes things may not go as planned and you might be running late. With this in mind, depending on the type of transfer that you have booked, AtoB offers the following complimentary waiting times: 

  • Airport: 60 minutes after flight arrival, or time scheduled in the booking order
  • Port, Train Station, Bus Station: 30 minutes 
  • Other pickup locations: 15 minutes 

Commonly, the complimentary waiting time starts counting from the scheduled time that you have specified in your booking. If your plane or train is delayed, and expected to be later than the scheduled pickup time, please contact your driver in order to establish if they can accommodate this delay.

If you think that your arrival might be delayed due to any circumstance, we will strongly suggest to either: 

  1. Book your pickup time a little later than the intended arrival 
  2. Contact your driver to agree on any extra waiting time (paid directly to the driver upon arrival)
  3. Book an extra service for additional waiting time (as shown below) 

Important note: Please note, that in the case of a delay exceeding the complimentary waiting time, without first contacting AtoB team or your assigned driver to arrange a later pickup time, our partners have the full right to refuse your service and attend their next job. In this case, no refunds are possible. 

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