What will happen if I am delayed due to long queues at the airport?

Written by Alex
Updated 1 year ago

AtoB Transfer offers one hour of free waiting time for all airport pickups. However, we know that the airport arrival procedure may change unexpectedly. 

You should arrange extra waiting time with your assigned driver. Contact your assigned driver directly by the phone number provided in your confirmation email, or via live chat in your booking system.

If you need extra waiting time and our driver can provide you with this service, you need to cover extra fees. Every 15 minutes of extra time are charged as follows: 

  • For a Pickup where a Comfort class is assigned: EUR 7.00 / 15 min 
  • For a Pickup where a Minivans/Minibus car-type is assigned: EUR 10.00 / 15 min 
  • For a Pickup where a Business & Executive class car-type is assigned: EUR 15.00 / 15 min  

 In case both parties agree with the settlement e.g. Driver has the availability to accommodate extra time requests and the Client agrees to pay the extra charges, the settlement will take place as agreed.  

We usually ask for chauffeurs to be flexible and wait longer than an hour, when possible.

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